Your team already has the knowledge and creativity to dynamically solve problems, explore new markets, and drive innovation.

They just need permission to share it.

Our experienced, professional trainers are ready to unlock your team's creative potential.  In as little as one-hour, your team will find cooperative solutions and discover shared perspectives!

We know the power of improv. Give us the chance to harness it with your team and allow them to work to their full creative potential.

Our prices, like our training agendas, are based on your specific goals. Use the form below to submit your info.


Whether you are reimagining a single brand or looking at your entire corporate line, we can help you find the best ideas!

OTRi’s newest offering is also our most exciting! In ten hours over two days, our ideation professionals combine the natural talent and energy of your associates with our deep understanding of the principles of improv to discover the true potential of your team. 

Our team includes visual artists to create prototype drawings, idea sketches, and other tangible items allowing your team to see their ideas translated into other mediums; and digital artists who can record the session and provide presentation slides, video, and digital photos to have to present to stakeholders and partners. 

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