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Player: Eileen "The Importance of Being" Earnest

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Graeter's Raspberry Chip

Senior Superlative: Most spirited

Dream Job: Actress and Improviser

Favorite Funsies: running, singing, hanging with the hubs and 2 turtles

Cake or Death: Cake

Eileen Earnest
Kirk Keevert
Tatinana Godfrey
Patrick Parker
Kelly McAndrews
Sean Dillon
Nathan Tubbs
Mike Galusick
Mary Puetz
Ellyn Broderick
Andrew Adams
Kevin Bauer
Joe DiSalvo
Harrison Hensley
Flo Fulk
Vincent Migyanko
Drew Zolides
Dottie Janson
Dean McKenzie
Dave Winchell
Dave Powell
Michael Gettinger
Chance Kilgour
Amanda Monyhan
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